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The Zanskar and Ladakh velleys are adorned with a number of majestic mountain peaks. Which attract climbers from all over the world. In particular, the Nun and Kun massif serves as the focus of increasing the mountaineering activities in the regions. Nun, Kun Massif one of the most attractive mountaineering destination peak in the western Himalayas.

Nun, Kun Massif: The most frequented climbing area the Nun kun massif comprise the several peaks.,chief among the being Nun 7135m, Kun 7087m, Kun was the first to be conquered in 1913 by the Italian mountaineer Picenza. While Nun the highest summit of the massif, was first by the Swiss climber Madame claude Koogan in 1953.

The Zanskar Groups of Massif: The massif lies adjacent to the Nun and Kun massif.Most frequented areas in this groups is along the Drang- Drung Glacier below Penzila on the road side of kargil- zanskar. Its base camp can be approached in a day trek from the roadahad. In zanskar there are several peaks of unnamed moe than above the 7000m. the some are very close to the padum - darcha trek trails. Its give very spectacular view for the trekkers and voyages.

Names of peaks and height:
1. Z-1 6400m
2. white needle 5600m
3. Z-2 61275m
4. Drang- drung Above 5700m approx
5. kang sketse in ner the village of kargiak 6500m aprox

Leh - Ladakh peaks groups:
The are nearest to the LEH is the Stok Kangri Massif in the zanskar mountain, south of leh. Its soars to a number of known peaks which are, however within the restricted area and so not freely accessible to foreign climbers except with special permission from the govt, of India. IMF. North of the leh cross the Ladakh range and nubra valleys, Lies the Karakoram range. Its also soar to animber of known peaks Stok kangri 6150m, Gulab kangri 5900m, Matho Kangri 5950m, Kang yatse 6200m, Saser kanagri (I) 7415m, Mentok kangri 6150m, Konglacha peak 6700m

Indian Mountaineering foundations:
Foreign climbing Expeditions are required the obtain permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for listed all climbing peaks. A booking fees are based on height and popularity of the allotted peaks. Is charge and a Liaison officers is assigned to very climbing teams. The minimum period required for processing application is six month. Every authorized expeditions provide with adequate rescue coverage in the event accident and illness.

Booking Address:
Indian Mountaineering Foundation
Benito Juarez Road
New Delhi 110021
Phone: 0091-11-671211-602245.
Fax: 688341.

List of Open Peaks in the Ladakh Region:

Peak Name
Heights(in mtrs)
Apsarasas II
Apsarasas III
Chong Kumdan II
Peak 7223
Pk 7130 (Apsaras Group)
Pk 7140 (Apsaras Group)
Pk 7160 (east of K12)
Pk 7195 (Teram Kangri Group)
Pk 7260 (Teram Kangri Group)
Pk 7280 (west of Kondus)
Pk 7410 (Teram Kangri Group)
Plateau Peak
Saltoro Kangri II
Saser Kangri II "E"
Saser Kangri III "N"
Tughmo Zarpo

Stok Kangri Expedition: 18 Days This spectacular mountain standing out on the southern skyline of Leh is one of the most sought after peaks for enthusiastic climbers. Numerous successful attempts on this 6121m / 20,076ft high peak have made this a popular destination for both experienced trekkers and amateur mountaineers. Himalayan Kingdom has organized a number of expeditions to this peak and offer the visitor an opportunity to conquer this famous peak.

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- Merce Alian Hurstel (France)

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