Weather forecast of ladakh

Leh experiences extreme climatic conditions throughout the year. The average maximum temperature that has been recorded is 28° Celsius and the average minimum is minus 15° Celsius. Acclimatization to Leh can get difficult because of its high altitude. Summer in Leh begins in March and it last through late June. The climate is pleasant during day time in summer with a maximum temperature of 30° Celsius. Summer nights are very cold with a minimum temperature of 17° Celsius. The chances of getting sunburn cannot be ruled out while travelling in Leh during summer without protection. Monsoon in Leh begins in July and it is extended till late September. Leh experiences moderate to heavy rain falls during monsoon. The temperature during monsoon months that has been recorded has a maximum of 17° Celsius and a minimum of 3° Celsius. Windproof jackets, woolen clothes, raincoats etc. must be carried while visiting Leh during monsoon. Winter in Leh begins in November and it is extended till late February. Winter season in Leh is very chilly and harsh with a maximum of 10° Celsius and a minimum of minus 20°C. January and February are the coldest months in Leh. Travelling to Leh is not ideal during winter because of heavy snow falls. The entire place will be snow bound and the roads get blocked with huge piles of snow. but the ultimate "chadar trek" you can do only in winter which is a journey through frozen river.